Property Service

(1)China Resources Building Customer Service Centre provide China Resources Building tenants with professional service and property management. Service Contacts: 82668827, 82668235.

(2)Property call center provides 24-hour hotline service, mainly used for routine maintenance, security assistance and other services in China Resources Building.

(3)Overtime Air-conditioning Supplying:
Air-conditioning supply time for office area in this building as follows: From Monday to Friday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm (except official holidays). Overtime air-conditioning supplying is conducted to meet the needs beyond the routine supply time; the detailed clauses and charging standard are specified in the relevant management method.
Long-term supplying of cool water:
If tenants call for the establishment of the important computer room, China Resources Building could provide 24-hour cooling water service. Detailed clauses and charging standard are specified in the relevant management method.

1、China Resources Building specially engaged professional cleaning company to provide tenants with long-term or temporary house cleaning services.
2、China Resources Building specially engaged professional disinfection&sterilization company to help tenants to do the disinfection work.

(5)Maintenance Service
Property company provides paid maintenance services to tenants, such as the office electrical apparatuses, water supply and drainage facility, central air conditioning, decoration and other facilities and equipment. Just a hotline call to remove your troubles.

(6)Value-added Service:

  • to order drinking water on commission
  • mobile phone battery charging service
  • to subscribe newpapers&periodicals on commission
  • to order flowers&plants on commission
  • umbrella borrowing
  • simple sewing needle & thread borrowing
  • practicing assistance service
  • first aid kit facility
  • small tools borrowing
  • baggage wagon&wheelbarrow borrowing
  • letter delivery service